Select Page is an application of a new mobile-video social network. Everyone can register in there and share their own 15-second video clip or just watch things that were posted by others. A lot of people think that is very similar to Snapchat but we assure that apps are working in a different way. On Snapchat photos or videos you shared will be deleted immediately after the person display them. In no one can delete our posts. Actually we want to make our content visible for everyone and displayed by as many users as possible. However it’s pretty important to see how other people record their own videos before we publish something.

what is musically

The name of this app can be misleading. People associate only with its musical part, while we can have access to content that is not necessarily connected with music, just by installing it. We can be a part of dynamically growing community of micro-vloggers or enthusiasts creating short video forms. Sound interesting? Download and install, it won’t let you down! can help you to become an Internet star. It also make it possible to see how others are trying to do it. Besides already mentioned 15-second videos application allows you to make a live stream. In that case, of course, there is no 15-second time limit. People who are watching can comment it.


We were wondering why someone could need application like this. However, because of its growing popularity we decided to use our smartphone and install


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