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What is

It’s an social network, which the main theme is music. It was created to “lyp syncing” (moving your lips and pretending to sing to the background music – we are not talking about full songs, but their parts). It’s all about recording 15-second video where you can choose:

  • filters,
  • music speed: slow, fast, epic (super fast), normal or lapse (super slow)
  • edit a clip,
  • import a video you recorded before,
  • record without holding your finger on the button (option with a 5-second countdown to start recording),
  • create photo slides with music.


As a creator, you can share your content on other social media channels, comment other people’s works, follow users, send personal messages, add hashtags or challenge your friends.


What content people are creating?

You can find there various videos, all connected with music: events, lip sync, comedies, live singing, playing instruments and dancing. People create their works alone, in duos or with a group of friends. supports creativity. In our opinion it has few technical similarities to Snapchat. They are both 100% mobile and all you have to do is to record videos by using its tools to support your creativity. Recorded content is usually vertically (it’s easier to watch them on mobile) and you watch them in full screen.

Advantage of being a part of member is that you can see the most popular content, right after you launch the application. The most interesting things are being promoted on various social media channels, which built huge communities of members, based on materials created by users (user generator content).


PS to use some of application options you need, for example, add a video to Instagram. Live feature has its own livestream platform – Application has been available for several days in Appstore and now it has been downloaded by over 500 000 users. The allows you to live streaming and people who are watching it can interact with you during stream (by comments and sending hearts).

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