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To use you have to register on the platform. You can create an account traditionally by using your e-mail address or you can link to your Facebook account. It’s also possible to register by the phone number on which the application has been installed. Registration process (by e-mail) tries to make us share a lot of our personal data. Unless the registration requires only e-mail address and our nick we want to use on the platform, application encourages also to take a selfie (so everyone can identify us) and then asks you to share with them your phone’s contact and Facebook database.

They have standard arguments for that – the access will help you to find your friends who are using app already. It’s important to know that you can ignore all of these requests when you want to just become familiar with the platform and see what other people are recording at first.


You can see “Discover people” screen right after you register and log on the platform. You can find there clips from the most popular channels at the moment. Not only individual users’ content can be found in there, there are also channels branded by well-known media brands like MTV or sports (NBA).

Musically Famous

After choosing the channel we want, we get access to all the content that was posted in it. While the most videos are short, recording by amateurs, something like “video-selfie”, you can find there amazing well prepared stuff (we recommend to enter Zach King’s account, a man who knows how to use special effects for fun). If we like the channel, we can subscribe it just by clicking the “follow” button (the interface is in English).

There is also an option to send a direct message to the creator of channel we like, but these more popular “video recorders” block this option and allow contact only to their friends. By clicking the menu button (three dots in the upper corner on the screen), we can: activate notifications about new videos shared by selected artists, share profile with someone else, blocking the user or reporting inappropriate content.

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