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A lot of people are spending more time than it’s recommended to record videos on Are you making the same mistake? Are you sure you know everything about this platform? If not, we have extra tips for youto get musical ly followers, some of them might seems obvious, but we hope you’ll find something that will suprise you.


How to get more likes on musically?

You might think it’s not easy to have tons of fans on social media. It’s not true. All you need to do is to go to the search page and find the “leaderboard” button. Click this button and see users who are the most popular on the platform. Pick one of them and go to their profile. You have to click the “follow” button and few seconds later click on it again to unfollow that person. Repeat this process as many times as you want, with other leaders too. By doing this base of your followers will be growing up with free musically followers and likes.


Record videos without a phone in your hands will give you more free Musically Followers

Some videos require using your whole body. It’s not possible when you’re holding your phone so you sometimes feel discouraged and give up. We have a simple advice for you to avoid problems like that in the future. After clicking the “shoot first” button you should be placed on page where you can record and create your own videos. There should be another button, little one, on the right side, next to the power button with a number five. It allows you to record without a need to hold the phone. In this way you can get free musically fans.


Make videos in duos and get musically likes

You probably record musical.lys when you’re hanging out with your friends but did you know that you can do that separately? When you can’t meet your bestie because the distance between you, we have a resolution for it.

With handy-dandy duet tool you can start recording together while you might be on the other sides of the planet. As a partner you can also have a famous music artists. At first, you need to choose the clip you want to perform a duet with. We picked up Selena Gomez song – because she’s our queen of pop. After watching the video, click on the button with three dots. A lot of options should show up, you have to select a “start duet now” button. Good luck!


Improve your videos for free musically hearts

If you’re not having a Video Star application on your mobile you need to download it right now. It’s an amazing tool which allows you to add special effects for your clips. It can definitely make your content more attractive. After editing your video just save it to your phone’s memory by clicking the “Send to camera roll” button. Then return to and share new video from the library. Don’t you think it’s very easy to get musically likes?


So if you know now some musically hacks for making your profile more eye-catching and having more and more Musically fans on the platform, we would like to show you six amazing, funny and inspiring women’s profiles, which you should definitely follow.

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