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Mentioned before “Discover people” screen only display the first time after the application started. Then the main screen of the platform is divided into three parts: “follow” is an area where we can find content which posted people we follow, “featured” is an actual promoted stuff and “for you” contain proposals to our preferences (the longest we use this app, proposals will be more accurate for us).

Musically Tips

At once the screen display only one single clip. By scrolling the screen up and down, we can explore next recordings. Everyone can like, comment or share videos on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram etc. Where the name of the application come from? Most of videos are amateur performances of well-known hits, more precisely – fragments of them (always remember about the 15-second limit). If the content presented on the main screen is not enough for us, we can use search engine to find something interesting for us, just by using tags, choosing the most popular videos at the time, or choosing things depending on the song performed by the author of the record.


It’s pretty sure that any social network can not exist without long discussions on different topics. works in the same way. Apart from previously recorded videos, the application gives access to live streams (currently ongoing streams are displayed in notifications). In this case, of course, there is no time limit of transmission. Everyone who is watching the stream can like or comment it in real time. Most of this kind of videos are consisted on “vlog chatting”.

By looking at the number of viewers and the subjects of the recordings we can say that teenagers love The webside is dominated by young people.


Speaking of the sharing things in there, how can you become a creator? It’s very simple. You just have to click on the “+” (at the bottom of the screen while watching any video, but not during live streams) and then choose if we want to first select a background music (it makes sense when we want to share a short part of our own performance), we can go straight to recording video or we can just send previously recorded stuff we saved in our phone’s memory.

Are you fascinated by the world of amazing short videos and people who are creating them? Don’t wait and start express yourself! is perfect platform for it.

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