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How to get V-Bucks in Fortnite Battle Royale

Hey guys and welcome to my “all you need to know about” Fortnite game. And as it says on the tin I’m explaining very quickly everything major you need to know about fortnite so let’s begin with the story!

The world has been completely covered in a purple hellish storm and out of these storms came zombies. So many in fact that the entire world was overwhelmed and overrun now the last remaining humans are trying to band together, where they can take back earth.

Fortnite V-Bucks for Free

Fortnite Money

Fortnite V-Bucks Without Human Verification

Today I’ll be going over three easy ways to get 3000 v-bucks here in fortnite. It’s so easy, I’ll either do is drop a like on today’s video subscribe to the channel and let me guys know right now in the comment section below do you want to be PSN card or do you want the Vbucks.

I know all you’ll do is they get those 100 v-bucks from the battle pass either by tears or they all buy things item shops so if you just constantly save them and make sure you always have at least. You know like a thousand
v bucks so you can buy the next battle pass you can just keep going over and over and over again and with the battle pass for season three you actually get a decent amount of FORTNITE v bucks on this site.

I believe you got 1000 v bucks from the Battle Pass which is awesome because you get you know all those skins and all the things that were in the season to battle pass plus you got a thousand v bucks which is pretty much equivalent. To the ten dollars you put in and if you save that you could buy the season three battle pass and you wouldn’t have to pay for anything and on top of that with season three you’ve got a total of 1500 v bucks so 500 more and I think either 400 or 500 those V bucks are complete free.

What are V-Bucks Used for in Fortnite

And people who didn’t buy the battle pass can still earn those which is really awesome but still you know 1500 bucks from season 3 is a healthy amount of V bucks. And as long as you save those v bucks and you don’t spend it on tiers and you don’t spend on things in the item shop you can just keep on farming those battle passes and never have to worry about paying for those in the future so coming in at the number 2 spot on today’s list we have to make the jump over to for fortnite save the world now. I know a lot of people might not be crazy about save the world, or maybe a lot of you just haven’t even played it because for fortnite battle royale is so big it really overshadows save the world.

Fortnite v bucks for free

One base time a small group of survivors have bought their way to a rundown facility that they’re now able to use a solve a command center that will become your base of operations for retaking earth. Now the story is out of the way, let’s talk gameplay fortnite is a one to four player game so you can fly solo if you want, or you can group with up to three other friends.

To complete the missions and setting out a level one you’ll end up having a very small group of survivors to work through. It I mean really small, and with just a few weapons and people you’re going to have to try take back what you can starting in a small town of stone, wood.

We see five major mission types here: fight a Saab, ride the lightning breast, cube the survivors destroying cabins and retrieve the data, so in these missions the core of the game will work as you might imagine find your objective. Build up your base however you want and then try to survive with as many people as you can getting way way more intense as you progress for the game.

You’re not really limited you can build however you want to the point of very silly looking bases. If you want but yes you’ll also be able to create massive BOTS. Build death mazes filled with traps and getting there close and personal yourself to if you like the question is how much ammo do you actually have? how much resources did you find before the zombies attack? is there a weak spot in your defenses it all gets crazy complex and a bit intense as the game.

Gets harder the zombies themselves are going to come in different types the brain-dead hosts will be easy to start with but it will get harder and harder as you go when they start attacking you with from range. When they have explosives when they smash through your walls without care the big ogre things get harder. But you’ll also get four different classes to work with yourself, coming in the form of Outlanders, soldiers, ninjas and constructors.

Outlanders are great for finding the resources you’ll need to create your bases, weapons and traps.

Soldiers are meant to do the dirty work, get in there and blast the zombies fast on their feet with agile movement and powerful melee attacks. They can take out the deadly targets or lead hordes into traps finally.

Constructors are your main builders they’re going to build faster and repair quicker than anyone else but each and every class can build anything and get in there and do some damage find resources and win however they want.

You’re not really limited just some classes are better than others at certain tasks, you’re not going to be alone out there though you are saving lives and these lives do want to help you save more. You can bring defenders with you and place them around your force. They’re going to do as much damage as they can and some of these defenders can be real powerhouses.

Oh well really weak don’t use the weak ones as you begin to save more and more survivors, you’ll end up with quite the roster of people sort of a small army in your original base. To help keep things ordered you’ll be able to squad these guys up and create different teams to do missions based on what you need. Sure you still have your a team that you use to do the best hardest missions, but what happens for the base is you’ve left behind the shield bases in each zone need to be defended so you Batman those walls on top of that you can send these squads out on missions.

While you’re doing your own and they can go gather resources or save all the survivors while you do missions to check out the armory. Next the game boasts a large selection of weapons to use be it one of the many melee weapons, range weapons or traps to name a few there’s swords pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, snipers rockets, Spears, healing zones, poison gas, jump pads, spiked stats, and more.

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